I’m Jack VanDrunen. I am a graduate student in the department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). I also received my bachelors in Computer Science (Intelligent Systems) from UCI.

Some of my current research involves building computational models of self-assembling games – in which the structures of evolutionary games co-evolve with the strategies of their players. I am interested in modeling human and animal communication, cooperation, and cognition.

An open source software library I am developing for cognitive science research on the Traveling Salesperson Problem accompanies Prof. Zygmunt Pizlo’s forthcoming book Problem Solving: Cognitive Mechanisms and Formal Models (Cambridge UP, 2022).

During my bachelors, I also had several internships developing middleware and doing machine learning research at Accel Robotics.

(Photo credit Catthi Ly)